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William FOWLIE ( - )


Spouse: Grace Joy PENFOLD

1 William FOWLIE ( - ) [132].

Sp. Grace Joy PENFOLD (1892-1954) [131], dau. of Frederick William PENFOLD (1863-1901) [91] and Harriett Mary TUBB (1867-1934) [92].

I have some information on Grace Joy Penfold. According to the Barnardo records she was admitted to the Barnardo's Homes in England on July 22, 1899 at the age of 7 with her brother George. She remained in Barnardo's homes in England until she was 12 and sailed to Canada with Barnard's arriving in Quebec in 1904. It seems she married William Fowlie and died on august 11, 1954 and was buried August 14, 1954 in Greenfield Cemetery, in Arthur Ontario. Barnardo's records show she was in Stanwood, Ontario in 1907 and Toronto in 1908.

From Louisa Rowland - 25th February 2013