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Alan PENFOLD (1927-2008)

1 Alan Scardeburg PENFOLD (1927-2008) [137], son of Bert PENFOLD (1898-1968) [135] and Marjorie ASPIN (1898-1988) [136].

Born 15 Dec 1927, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Died 24 Feb 2008, Lebanon, Grafton, New Hampshire.

__________My middle name (i.e. Scardeburg) is, according to my mother's account, derived as a family name because my grandfather (or his father, on my Mother's side of the family) was once the Mayor of the city of Scarborough. My mother's maiden name was ASPIN and her brother (Leslie Aspin) also had Scardeburg as a middle name. His son (also Leslie Aspin) was for years a Democratic Congressman for the State of Wisconsin in the USA. He was also, for years, the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee of the Congress. He later became President Bill Clinton's first Secretary of Defense. You can Google him as "Les Aspin". To my knowledge there is no other persons who had Scardeburg as a middle name. My mother always hoped I would become famous enough to be known as A. Scardeburg Penfold !! [Email from Alan on 25 October 2006].